Monday, March 01, 2004

attention guys.. after this post. dun bother to come and look at my blog. wun be updating forever.

1st) wanted to get rid of all memories in here.
2nd) y the fark shld i be farking writing this cb blog?
3th) No farking time for this farking shit
4th) get a new life and change everything in my life.

cya guys. anything jus call my hp. :) or look for me in msn
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Thursday, February 26, 2004

finally updating my blog haha... been too involved with work.. haha but guess tonite im too excited and nervous to slp.. time really flies... tml will be taking my o lvl result.. wtf! why cant it go on longer .. so stress haha pray hard tat i wun miss my chance to get into hospitality course [hotel/tourism] in tp!! haix if cant go poly.. haf to go shatec which is so exppppp lols... nvm la tml take result den c how.. god pls help me!! [<-- isn't it too late?] LMAOS

ermm been a week or so since i last saw her le haha.. really la.. zhen de hao xiang hao xiang ta... ta de.. eyes.. ta de.. everything hehe.. mad ar me hhahahah... miss her every mini secs lols..

k gotta go do my dumbbell liao sianZ so StrEsS
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Monday, February 23, 2004

well tis maybe my last blog for this mth. haf to work full shift.. from morning to nite.. haha... sian o lvl result also releasing this week. haha maybe fail later..den can cry haha. who can lend me their shoulders lols.. well i haf foound out something. dun be too involved in friendship haha. go solo! just like wad limbei is doing rite now. haha. go wif my buddy DUMBBELL lol listen to my problem.. and my heart wrenching stories lols. sounds lame ar haha...

well so long nv c her sorta missing her rite now hha.. duno y ..perhaps got the feeling ba..keke but this week wun be seeing her..lols.. haf to work and work and earn money!!! keke gotta stop now. grab my supper den off to slp!!
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Friday, February 20, 2004

jus reached home from going out wif someone haha... was rather fun and now im filled wif joy haha... after my bowling i went along to meet her and we went to cwp and walk abot to spend our day haha..... den after tat sent her home den had my dinner in the nearby ... folo tat i went home hahha.. nothing much la.. jus noe nxt week is a dead week.. full shift and... o lvl result sian!!! GOOD LUCK TO ME!! SURE FAIL LIAO LA!!
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nice pic? haha all tanks to gina!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

PengZ* Yesterday was a total rocking day haha. got to c my godsister, soccer ball and my 2 ex colleague tweety bird and pei lin. went to bowl together after my replacement hour. BUS 171 !u are a total cb. alf mf and i took 171 trying to find a cheaper transport to get home. This 171 took 1hour and 30mins to reach yishun from marina square. i dunno y they put the route from marina den thomson den BUKIT PANJANG den mandai and finally yishun. BIG RD LEI. the plan sux! todae gotta take 960 or 961 to get to woodlands. WE WERE LATE FOR THE 1hour 15mins to meet my godsis they all. Lucky they nv 'tok' my head offf..phew!!! lol.. hope todae tat 960 n 961 wun tua me again! kk gotta go prepare to go work le. Todae replacement hour again.. till 12+pm den got buffet haha.. so song!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

finally the 2 days sales are over and now we are doing some packing up haah... yesterday went to plae soccer wif the same gang and me jun and adib wore the real madrid jerseys haha. but i end up in one team while the other 2 in others. We were having fun but cb dunno wad RC ppl come di siao.. lols but he farking no use. i talk back he also nv do anithing. lols.
But police came after tat. haha.. this time cfm die liao. haf to stop playing. all of us prepared our I.C while the police was approaching us. Haha.. we stopped playing and went to Sun PLaza 7 eleven to get some drink and we sat down to tok.

After tat, we went home and change up before meeting up at Yishun Bus Stop to go to OCC for bowling. Jian and gk were there already.. and so we start wif our games ASAP. lols me so long nv plae skill like fark liao hahah. cant believe it.
We went to orchard after this to plae pool and tat saiful keep on talking nonsense haha. he ar.. wah buay tahan. we went to grab a bite at the nearby foodcourt.. den we went to rot ard at orchard haha... at around 1030pm we head back to mrt.. AT THIS VERY TIME, all were tired.. but saiful was still going on wif his jokes haha. 12hours lei LOLS .. cannt stop..

As for todae.. will be a long day.. work from 9.30am to 12pm or 1pm hha.. replacement hours.. den going to plae bowling wif fairuz, alfred (NOT SURE), yuki, cheng shan, xiu wen and duno whoever wan to go. Jun haf to work till 5.50pm coz he has only one replacement day which is on friday, i guess. ok gotta go work liao BYEBYE
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Friday, February 13, 2004

When the farking promotion over... 50% + 30% WAH CB.. friday only.. crowds like ants attacking food.. cb never finish 1.. but lucky hatijah let me do morning shift..and not full shift. PRAY HARD tml also nto full haha......den good. lol.. but all the colleagues there were damn nice. lols. nice noeing all of them. never regret working there.

wanted to head down to gym but was very tired. struggling to open my eyes in the mrt but still cant.. i fall asleep.. lols junhong also ... both of us slept till sembawang den wake up. so tired.. tml and sunday will be worst. but nvm...after this 3days hard work nxt week we will be having 2days off... keke...

well.. feeling so bored now.. so lonely. thinking about tml is valentine's day .. haix cant go out lonely.. *COLD* :P
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